Business Start-up

Starting up a new business can be very daunting with so many aspects to consider - finance, tax and legal structure.  Whether it is a full-scale business plan or advice on HST/GST, we are here to help you have the most tax efficient and appropriate legal structure.


We can help you...


  • Choose the most suitable legal structure for your business
  • Register your new business with CRA
  • Provide advice on tax efficient business set up
  • Provide advice on choosing accounting software
  • Free Bookkeeping spreadsheet (if needed) and bookkeeping training
  • Prepare a business plan, cash-flow projections and budgets
  • Assess what finance you need and how you can access it
  • Identify the full range of allowable business expenses
  • Help you maximize the profits in your business


Business Plans

  • Do you need to attract investment? Secure a loan? Or do you have decisions to make about your company´s future and where you want to go?
  • Why not let us help you prepare a business plan that is robust and comprehensive to your needs? Approach potential backers with confidence.

Forecasting and budgeting

  • Precise and dependable forecasts are fundamental for driving your business forward. Budgeting and cash flow forecasts provides a unique insight into your company’s potential which has great importance to third parties such as banks and other stakeholders.
  • Abacus can offer you an impartial verification of your records, which will help you to manage risk, safeguard your assets. Our advisors will reinforce your business strength and advise on possibilities.

Payroll and Employee benefits 

  • Our payroll service can assist you with payslip preparation, joiners and leavers, record keeping, CPP or QPP, EI and other statutory payments.
  • We will ensure this part of your business runs like clockwork. At the end of the Tax Year you can rely on us to deal with T4s and T5s returns. We also advise you on employment tax and, WSIB liabilities. We can also offer advice on tax planning issues for your payroll function.
    • If you find you just don’t have the time to run your payroll, we can help and make the process smooth, efficient and hassle-free.

  • We’ll give you expert and knowledgeable advice on:

  1. Tax efficient and flexible benefits
  2. Employer pension arrangements and personal pension planning
  3. Employee stock options

We have all the latest computer software capable of processing payroll, so you don’t need to invest in payroll software.